Hello, I Love You


Who doesn’t love a great hit by The Doors?? As irrelevant as The Doors may be to this site, I thought that the title was fitting for this first post to the ilu W-S site (and this song is pretty awesome). Anyway… Hello! Welcome to the soon-to-be most intriguing site for everything Winston-Salem! ilu W-S is here to be your virtual tour guide to the Camel City (no Segway required).

Maybe you are new to town, maybe you have lived here your entire life, maybe you are thinking about moving to town, maybe you are just passing through, maybe you just think this site is funny and weird, maybe you just like camels – whichever way, ilu W-S is sure to peak your interest.

Winston-Salem is a city that is full of character. Having lived here for most of my life, I have been around to see this place grow at a natural and organic rate. Today, Winston-Salem is a thriving city with a local, small-town feel. It is a place that welcomes creativity, weekend festivals, specialty shops, new ideas, and entrepreneurs of all kinds. These are just some of the reasons why Winston-Salem is such a cool town. It is scattered full of hidden gems. This site will highlight those gems in a way that is unique and entertaining. I will be creating videos, collages, interviews, etc. In other words, I hope to deliver a different kind of city-blog. I think this is fitting since Winston-Salem is an artsy and different kind of place.

Here is my disclaimer… I am not a pro or an expert at blogging, writing, video editing, photography, or drawing. I am, however, an excellent student! I am currently working on my photography and marketing skills. I am using this blog as a platform to practice what I am learning and to share the love that I have for my main subject, my hometown. Thanks so much for following me on my journey to developing new skills (and for your patience)!

Winston-Salem is a town with a very communal and local feel. I intend to bring that same feel to this site. Since we are a community here, I encourage you to comment, write to me, and definitely let everyone know what you have coming up locally! As a start, I intend to post once or twice a week. Go ahead and subscribe if you’re interested in receiving notifications! As of right now, I have no idea how you can subscribe. Maybe there is a button below? Perhaps it’s at the top of the page? You will be the first to know once I figure that out!

Thanks, guys! I am looking forward to this!


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